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"She's A Star" Lifestyle Blog

Meet J. McCray

J. McCray Style owner Jennifer McCray’s deeper meaning or her ‘why’ she sells clothes is to build confidence in women.

Truly, Lovingly, Deeply YOU!

Wow! Time is flying bye 👋. So much has happened since I moved back home to Detroit. My son will be 5!!! My business is growing from the...

Life Changing Syle Tips

1. Address How You Feel This is the Most Important of All the style tips and should be address before you shower and get dressed for the...

Your Personal Style Guide

At J. McCray Style, we offer a vast catalog of different types of chic clothes, styles, and sizes to fit every woman’s sense of fashion....

Plus-size Fashion Trends

For women, shopping for clothing, including dresses, is often a fun experience. The list of products is endless, and there is often...

10 Ways To Be More Stylish

This article we give you 10 ways to be more stylish using 10 different clothing items by J. McCray Style.

To Style Or To Be Styled

Many people have asked me over the years, "When did I know I wanted to become a stylist?" and "Where do you get your style from?" Mother...

More blogs coming soon...

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts by J. McCray.