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Truly, Lovingly, Deeply YOU!

Wow! Time is flying bye šŸ‘‹. So much has happened since I moved back home to Detroit. My son will be 5!!! My business is growing from the store to only online and now I'm looking to schedule POP-UPS in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta! My top supporters! Thank you so much, I can't wait to meet ALL OF YOU!

This journey I'm on took some serious soul searching, lots of prayer and admitting the truth about my priorities. I had to ask myself, Am I truly behaving and making decisions according to the woman I would someday become or the woman I am today? I had to admit to myself that I needed to LOVE myself enough to grow up!

I was once asked by this incredibly handsome man I was dating, "Do You Believe In Yourself?" Of course, without a second thought I said YES I BELIEVE IN MYSELF! His response rocked my World šŸŒŽā™„ He looked my straight in my face and laughed, His words, "You must be having some sort of identity crisis, because there is NO WAY YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are way to Dope to be where you are in life. THIS ISN'T YOU." I'll never forget it. I thank GOD for that enlightening, embarrassing, life shattering moment.

I felt his words so DEEPLY in my spirit I heard them everyday in my head so loud it would keep me up at night. Not only did I not believe in myself, I didn't even know what that would look like. I needed help. Nothing was stopping me but me. Daily meditation, prayer and yes therapy help me realign, prioritize, let go, discover who I am today. My Peace. My Vision. My Way.