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Meet J. McCray

Meet J. McCray

J. McCray Style owner Jennifer McCray’s deeper meaning or her ‘why’ she sells clothes is to build confidence in women. She has explored and implemented marketing ideas that include a ‘Loving Me’ style session show that builds women up and has created social media reels, including an affirmation series, ‘I Am Enough.’
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10 Ways To Be More Stylish

Do you feel like your current wardrobe is drab and dull? Are you feeling out of style? We get you. It’s hard to know what clothes to buy these days when trends are always changing. You may not even know what styles you like. And there’s also the struggle of finding clothes that fit you. So many cute designs are exclusive to people who have tiny waists, while the plus size community gets left in the dust.

We think it’s time for you to develop a whole new outlook on your fashion life. We want you to feel great about your looks and wear clothes that reflect your unique beauty and personality. That’s why in this article we give you 10 ways to be more stylish using 10 different clothing items by J. McCray Style.

1. Lounge In Style In A Cozy Jogger Set

Up your lazy fashion game with this comfy, cozy jogger set in chic cheetah print. This two-piece set comes with a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants. The material is slouchy and soft, perfect for hanging around the house or running a few casual errands.

2. Glam It Up In A Plus Size Dress
You’ll feel gorgeous and glamorous in this red plus size mini dress with a cape. It hugs your curves in all the right places, and the cape adds a little extra flair that you don’t see every day. Your style should be one-of-a-kind, and it

3. Rise To The Occasion In A Hi-Lo Denim Jacket
Give your wardrobe a boost with this hi-lo denim jacket. The shoulders are puffed for an 80s throwback that’s all about the drama. Whether you dress it up or down, you’ll make a stylish statement with this jacket.

4. Exude Elegance With A Velvet Quilted Diamond Lattice Purse

Carry your things in this velvet quilted diamond lattice purse, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. With its fine details and smooth finish, it brings a tasteful touch of elegance to any outfit.

5. Keep Your Hands Looking Chic With Leather Fur Gloves
In cold weather, make a fashion statement on your hands with these leather fur gloves. They’re eye catching, unique, and fun to wear.

6. Stay Active And Stay Sexy In A Colorblock Active Jumpsuit
Working out is so much easier when you’re wearing a great outfit while doing it! This colorblock active jumpsuit is just the thing to help you stay stylish while breaking a sweat.

7. Rock Your Errands In A Frank Lyman Moto Jacket
Show the world how cool and hip you are in this Frank Lyman moto jacket. It will look cute on you whether you’re running errands or enjoying a casual night on the town.

8. Jive In A Velvet Jumpsuit
Shine and shimmer (and also shimmie!) in this velvet jumpsuit. This beautiful blaze of color and comfy velvet will show your confidence in yourself whether you’re at an event or jiving to a jukebox on the dance floor.

9. Turn Up The Glitz With A Crystal Embellished Blazer Jacket
Your sparkly personality shines through when you wear this glitzy crystal embellished blazer jacket. You’ll rock your eventor even a business meeting with this style.

10. Command The Room In A Metallic 3-Piece Set

Make a bold statement and proclaim your awesome sense of style with this metallic 3-piece set that includes a top, pants, and a long-sleeve cardigan.

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Your Personal Style Guide To J. McCray Style

At J. McCray Style, we offer a vast catalog of different types of chic clothes, styles, and sizes to fit every woman’s sense of fashion. But with so many options, you may find it’s not easy to choose!

Welcome to your personal style guide to J. McCray. We’ve selected some of our signature pieces to go with every occasion, from just chilling in the house to clubbing in a night on the town, and listed them below. You might find your next favorite outfit, or feel inspired to look through our whole catalog. Wherever this list takes you, we’re confident that we have the perfect ensemble to match your unique fashion sense.


For Lounging

Off The Shoulder Set

This Off The Shoulder Set is perfect for lounging in. The material of the pants and crop top is stretchy and comfy, and the off-shoulder design is breezy and cool. You’ll want to spend all day in these clothes, and you can because they’re nice enough to wear while you’re out running errands. Walking or lying down, you’ll feel cool and comfortable all day in this loungewear outfit.

For A Night On The Town

Puff Sleeve Set

The Puff Sleeve Set is retro-chic and will attract everyone’s attention with its bright green hue. The high-waisted pants with their elastic band and the crop top with puffed sleeves will make you feel powerful, but still comfortable enough to move around without feeling restricted. It’s just the thing for a night on the town and a dance party in the club.

For A Romantic Date

Long Sleeve Black Velvet Mini Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress, but our Long Sleeve Black Velvet Mini Dress is something extra special. The ruched bodice and wide collar add structure to the dress and enhance your already beautiful curves. It’s sexy, it’s slinky, and it’s sure to make your romantic date’s heart beat a little faster at the sight of you in it.

For Brunch With Friends

Beach Print Pleated Mini Dress

You’ll look darling while you’re having brunch with your friends in this vibrant Beach Print Pleated Mini Dress. The material is soft and cool, and the skirt and sleeves are airy and roomy. It’s the perfect outfit to bring out those relaxed, beach vibes for summer.

For Exercising

Zebra Stripe Active Set

Unleash your inner animal while you work out in this Zebra Stripe Active Set. The sports bra design will help you stay cool, and the stretchy material of both the top and the leggings lets you be flexible and perform all kinds of exercises. The black color is sleek and subtle, but the hot pink zebra print accents is where your personality jumps out.

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To Style Or To Be Styled

Many people have asked me over the years, "When did I know I wanted to become a stylist?" and "Where do you get your style from?" 

Mother was my stylist. She always stressed the importance of being classy, not to show too much skin. But most importantly, what message do you want to send to the world? Even today when getting dressed and look at myself in the mirror I can remember those words and I think of her.  Of course I wasn't always obedient. I wanted to find my own style. That actually was a lot harder than I thought.

Growing up like much of you, my friends and I would go shopping at the malls, have sleep overs and give each other make-overs. We would borrow each others clothes and I had so much fun dressing my friends and doing their hair. When you think about it and keep it simple... that's all it is. Feels good to have more friends. 

My uncle would say, "If you look good, you feel good." I want to feel like an Awakened, Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy, Responsible, Educated Business Woman! And let's not forget Sexy! It Feels GOOD to dress like one. 

Do you think that's true for you? Do you feel like what you wear? Whether it's a business suit or favorite yoga pants?

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Truly, Lovingly, Deeply YOU!

Wow! Time is flying bye 👋. So much has happened since I moved back home to Detroit. My son will be 5!!! My business is growing from the store to only online and now I'm looking to schedule POP-UPS in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta! My top supporters! Thank you so much, I can't wait to meet ALL OF YOU!

This journey I'm on took some serious soul searching, lots of prayer and admitting the truth about my priorities. I had to ask myself, Am I truly behaving and making decisions according to the woman I would someday become or the woman I am today? I had to admit to myself that I needed to LOVE myself enough to grow up!

I was once asked by this incredibly handsome man I was dating, "Do You Believe In Yourself?" Of course, without a second thought I said YES I BELIEVE IN MYSELF! His response rocked my World 🌎♥ He looked my straight in my face and laughed, His words, "You must be having some sort of identity crisis, because there is NO WAY YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are way to Dope to be where you are in life. THIS ISN'T YOU." I'll never forget it. I thank GOD for that enlightening, embarrassing, life shattering moment.

I felt his words so DEEPLY in my spirit I heard them everyday in my head so loud it would keep me up at night. Not only did I not believe in myself, I didn't even know what that would look like. I needed help. Nothing was stopping me but me. Daily meditation, prayer and yes therapy help me realign, prioritize, let go, discover who I am today. My Peace. My Vision. My Way.


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Daily Style Tips

Daily Style Tips

Deciding how you want to feel has everything to do with what you are looking forward to. This is the exact moment where your power lives. Take control of your life in this moment.
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