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"When getting dressed, its important to embody the goal. Dress the part"
-J. McCray

"I'm a multifaceted woman, from sexy, sassy to bossy and classy"
-J. MaCray

Non-Profit Spotlight:

Future 4 Teens

Hello Beautiful People, Have you ever wondered, "How can I give back?" I've often said to myself, "I'm too busy to volunteer... I don't have enough money to give, it's hard enough taking care of my family... And, what do I know about starting a Non-Profit Organization?" Well, this Blog is about my friend who has done it all, Dr. Brandi Pritchert-Johnson.

J's Lifestyle Blog

Truly, Lovingly, Deeply You!

Wow! Time is flying bye 👋. So much has happened since I moved back home to Detroit.

Your Personal Style Guide

At J. McCray Style, we offer a vast catalog of different types of chic clothes . . .

Life Changing Style Tips

Four life changing daily styling tips to help you feel comfortable and confident in the way you dress.

Customer Reviews

I have been with J McCray for some years now. The clothing are of good quality that goes along with a super nice spirited women. J is so pleasant and easy to work with. I’ve had NO ZELCH ZERO issues with Jennifer or her clothing whatsoever.
❤️ can’t wait to wear my green jumpsuit thank you so much!
jacqueline maksym
Great quality clothing. Very professional. Affordable prices ❤️
Abrielle Wilson
Beautiful pieces. I get so many compliments on my clothes and accessories from JMcCray Style. I am well pleased with the outfits and service I receive from JMcCray Style Boutique.
I bought the holographic button down shirt and I love it.I’ve worn it twice and I get lots of compliments. Great material and fit. heart Go get yours lol and step out in style y’all.
I love the material. Size runs perfect. Good quality. Nicer than the picture. ❤️
Sura Sadik
Wonderful website, I like it :)
Tania Robinson
Great quality and friendly customer service!

J's Syle Story

J. McCray Style owner Jennifer McCray’s deeper meaning or her ‘why’ she sells clothes is to build confidence in women. She has explored and implemented marketing ideas that include a ‘Loving Me’ style session show that builds women up and has created social media reels, including an affirmation series, ‘I Am Enough.’