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Hello Beautiful People,

Have you ever wondered, How can I give back? I've often said, "I'm too busy to volunteer. I don't have enough money to give, and it's hard enough to take care of my family. And, what do I know about starting a Non-Profit Organization?" Well, this seasons highlight is about my friend who has Dr. Brandi Pritchert- Johnson. Dr. Brandi is the Founder of a beautiful Non-Profit organization called Future 4 Teens. She's A Star!

Dr. Brandi's mission is to heal the brokenhearted in our community. Inspired by the loss of her own mother as a child, she became a Licensed Psychologist. Tools to live a whole and fulfilling life are encouraged to be put into practice at Future 4 Teens. For our young people to be able to join their peers in healthy, uplifting environments, a safe space has been created with Future 4 Teens. I Believe Women like Dr. Brandi are truly SuperStars! I am so honored to be her stylist.

Whether on stage or in the boardroom, I encourage all my SuperStars to shine.


For more on Future 4 Teens and How to Donate, please click the links below:


YouTube: https://youtu.be/sYrEWjWFFPU

Website: https://www.future4teens.com/