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Daily Style Tips

1. Address How You Feel
This is the Most Important of All the style tips and should be address before you shower and get dressed for the day. How you are feeling usually has a direct connection to your current circumstances and situations in your life. (Feel free to leave a commit if this relates to you.) Have you ever woke up with yesterdays drama still on your mind. Or simply wake up feeling drained and tired as if you just want to go back to bed. You say to yourself, "I need a day off, I need a vacation, I don't feel like it today." Whatever "IT" is "They" can keep it.
Be honest about those feelings and address what is causing it. Family, friend, dating life, personal goals, unhealthy habits, admit it to yourself. Own your feelings consciously. Only after admitting what's going on within can we began to heal.
2. Decide How You Want To Feel
Deciding how you want to feel has everything to do with what you are looking forward to. This is the exact moment where your power lives. Take control of your life in this moment. We have all experience things such as starting or applying for a new job, going on a date, qualifying for a new car or house, or maybe you are working towards your dream. You can feel a multitude of feeling...
  • Overwhelmed vs. Confident
  • Drained vs. Excited and Energized
  • Sad vs. Optimistic
  • I Don't Feel Like It vs. Determined No Matter What
  • Angry and Stressed vs. At Peace on YOUR JOURNEY
What's the trick to changing your feelings so quickly??
3. Dress the Goal
The goal is to feel Confident, Energized and Excited, Optimistic, Determined No Matter What and At Peace On YOUR JOURNEY. A major life hack and scientifically proven way to change the way you feel is call Enclothed Cognition. I've been saying this for years and had no idea their was real science out there behind my theory. Nothing helps you walk the walk and talk the talk better than looking the part. Put on that suit, wear that red lipstick, and pull out your best pair of shoes! Science has proven when we look good we feel good.
4. Shop the Budget
Honestly I had to start my life over 4 times! Trust me I felt like a cat with 9 lives but I don't believe in luck and I didn't feel very lucky. It's a long story the book will be out soon... Back to the mission. The thrift store became my biggest blessing. From Ralph Lauren to Gucci to St. John could be found at some of your neighborhood thrift stores. Take the pressure off of yourself, pray and go for it! No one will ever know but if you really want to show off o ahead a tell them you paid $12 bucks for a $400 suit and watch the look on peoples faces. For me it was quite satisfying.
Thankfully, after volunteering at the thrift to help pay for school I was blessed with a new wardrobe and a new mission. J. McCray Style was born for humble yet fashionably chic beginnings. Keep your head up Good People.
I Love You More,

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