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Growing Up With Style

Many people have asked me over the years, "When did I know I wanted to become a stylist?" and "Where do you get your style from?" 

My mother was and still is my stylist. She always stresses the importance of being classy, not to show too much skin. I don't always listen. But most importantly, what message do you want to send to the world? Even today when getting dressed and I look at myself in the mirror I can remember those words and I think of her.  Of course I wasn't always obedient. I wanted to find my own style. That actually was a lot harder than I thought.

Growing, my friends and I would go shopping at the malls, have sleep overs and give each other make-overs. We would borrow each others clothes and I had so much fun dressing my friends and doing their hair. When you think about it and keep it simple... that's all it is. It Feels good to have even more friends shopping in my closet. 

My uncle would say, "If you look good, you feel good." I want to feel like an Awakened, Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy, Responsible, Educated Business Woman! And let's not forget Sexy! It Feels GOOD to dress like one. 

Do you think that's true for you? Do you feel like what you wear? Whether it's a business suit or favorite yoga pants?

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